To minimize the impact of the Covid-19 war you are working from home.
This now exposes your company to the cyber war!!!

In response we are excited to bring a new level of security to your now-distributed company:

Fast-paced business transformation

Answers Now

We provide

1-day, 7-day & 30-day options:
Analyze, Recommend, Disrupt

Action, Not Opinion

We bring

Hands-on experience – not ivy league theory
Start-up >> IPO >> high-value exit track record

Massive Technology Disruption

We help

Develop disruptive business models enabled by
rapidly emerging technologies

Rapid Organizational Transformation

We address

Internal conflict identification/resolution, personal accountability, exponential innovation

Truly Independent Thinking

We are

Unconstrained by Company history

World-Class Marketing

We deliver

Award-winning positioning, messaging
and a whole lot more


Unlike traditional “land and expand” consultancies, our aim is to leave you placed to out-think and out-innovate your competitors as fast as possible.