Key Management Firm Programs

Our custom programs accelerate time-to-market, enable attractive liquidity events & rapidly enhance value in 30 days or less. 

Strategic alliances & acquisitions

Technology MatchMaker™ (TMM) is a unique strategic alliance transaction program for top management and investors of companies associated with the information technology industry (including products, software and services). The intention of the Program is to attain maximum investment and/or business value for our Client companies.
We facilitate unique positioning and promote a thorough understanding of the business growth potential represented to like-minded target companies and their investors, striving for market segment leadership, product, service and technology leadership or investment in infrastructure.

Relationships sought include investment, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, R&D partnerships, distribution & resale agreements, OEM relationships, and other mutually beneficial alliances.

Technology MatchMaker™

Change perception – create a new reality

Fast-Track Action Plan Program™ (FTAP) has been proven effective in achieving short-term revenue building results. FTAP comprises one or two creative, intensive days with selected Senior Management, reviewing organizational and market readiness. It concludes with an Action Plan covering the next six-month period, a strategic framework for the next twenty-four month period and a written summary of the findings and recommendations.

The program begins with completing the Company Health Test described below. All clients that have been through the FTAP program have found it to be of excellent value. It provides maximum return, in minimum time, at very reasonable cost. The FTAP Program is often used by Company Investors and/or Senior Management as a preparation tool to add perceived and actual value to their company in order to maximize the Roi of the Technology MatchMaker™ Program described above.

360 degree view outside-in vs. inside-out

Company Health Test™ (CHT) The Company Health Test is a powerful “real-time strategic planning” process designed to improve a company’s ability to survive and compete. The CHT challenges the way you look at your Company and think about your business and an is an honest reality check of where you are today. Differences in response within the same Company are as informative as the answers themselves, and pinpoint attention areas for education or development. 

The evolving Company Health Test process has been proven over 18+ years.  The results will empower you to make powerful organizational, cultural, and strategic direction decisions immediately and reinforce them within the coming weeks and months.  Your Company is a unique multi-faceted entity like no other.  What the Company Health Test provides is a common basis for reference, discussion, planning and ongoing tracking.

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