What users have to say . . .

 PREDATOR-ONE brings a much needed breakthrough. For more regarding PREDATOR-ONE contact us.   For an overview of the Technology MatchMaker and other Management Firm Programs, click here. 

“It goes far beyond what a firewall does and is incredibly effective.”

Kem Sisson, CEO, Money Movers Inc.
(March 2020).

We handle millions of credit card transactions each year. As a PCI certified Gateway Processor, we have to comply with extremely stringent security requirements.

It (the system that is now Predator-One) is the only product on the market that satisfies our security needs. It goes far beyond what a firewall does and is incredibly effective. In fact, when we have our regular annual audit*, we have to turn it OFF to test our network and software vulnerabilities because the auditors can’t get in at all. It seamlessly and transparently handles data flow of multiple in-house IP addresses. It also cleans-up and removes unnecessary traffic on the Internet pipe to allow faster and smoother transmission of important data.

* Multi-year experience since first Predator-One prototype.

“Before we put it in, there were 2 hacking & 2 ransomware events in the same year. Since we put it in we’ve had years with no issues.”

Patrick Martin i/c Business Dev. Adept Solutions.
(March 2020).

“What can I say about it (the system that is now Predator-One)? WOW…..This system has been instrumental in helping to keep our healthcare clients’ networks safer. Before we put it in place there were 2 website hacking events and 2 ransomware infections in the same year. It has been years now*, and no infections or successful hacking attempts since.
Also, after we installed the system, we were surprised at the amount of (bad) data that was no longer hitting our Firewall. This afforded the Firewall the ability to do its job more efficiently. I can say, for sure, I sleep better at night with (Predator-One) in place.

* Multi-year experience since first Predator-One prototype.

“Provides us the most comprehensive and complete Cybersecurity defense we can install”

Mark Griffith, Ph.D. President
GC International. DBA A. L. Johnson Co.
(March 2020).

We are manufacturers for high-end aerospace, medical, and defense projects.  The data we store is extremely confidential and we need to ensure that no data can be breached. In addition, we must abide by various compliance regulations, such as NIST SP 800-171.

This is why, beginning in 2016*, we installed (the system that is now Predator-One). Its functionality, including its self-learning technology, ensures that our data is protected and safe from hacking. We feel confident that it provides us the most comprehensive and complete cybersecurity defense we can install on our network. 

* Multi-year experience since first Predator-One prototype.