30 days can change your world

We provide 1-day, 7-day & 30-day programs to analyze, recommend and disrupt. Now you can skip the ritual of meandering, lengthy strategy off-sites that turn into tactics and personal agendas. Let’s get started, like, now!

1 day*

Independent review, insight & top line recommendations.  When you need an expert “sanity check” yesterday

Typical cost $9,000

7 days*

Rapid 360o analysis with TMF’s Company Health Test, including top line recommendations for next 6 months.  Nothing gets you clarity faster.

Typical cost $17,500 based on 5-10 C-suite participants


Detailed analysis and recommendations based on all of the 7-day package AND a full Fast Track Action Plan focusing on next 6 months plus an outline for 18 months beyond

Typical Cost $35,000

  • Excluding any client-side delays. Specific client participation timelines provided