Back Story & Opportunity

Perhaps THE hottest topic in the realm of Enterprise and Service Provider networking. After 40 years of being swept under the carpet, Cybersecurity products are top of mind in development of SD-WAN, AI, IoT, etc. PREDATOR-ONE brings a much needed breakthrough. For more regarding PREDATOR-ONE contact us.   For an overview of the Technology MatchMaker and other Management Firm Programs, click here. 


Origins of the Predator-One AI Cybersecurity System

  • In late 2012 a successful MSP with a 20+ year history was hacked
  • Their network was shut down by a sustained DDOS attack over a 6-week period 
  • Not only did it dent their pride, it hurt their credibility and almost put them out of business 
  • They went to all the major firewall vendors for help and tried several of them.  But none of them halted the attacks
  • They spent day and night for 2 months analyzing the attack methodology, entry points and created a solution
  • It was so effective, that they continued to develop it, and rolled it out to their consulting clients over several years
  • They invested $ millions of their own funds and were awarded 3 patents for their unique technology
  • Billions of foiled attacks later, with zero penetrations, they are cyber security’s best-kept secret
  • Dec 2019 The Management Firm is introduced to the company and decide to participate


The Ideal Strategic Alliance Profile

  • A serious “diamond-in-the rough” opportunity for the right partner – The Management Firm’s specialty
  • Likely to be a US-based network systems company or top-250 systems integrator / MSP
  • May have some security technology of their own, but losing the race to next gen firewall companies
  • Credible access to Fortune 1000 enterprises, industrial firms, healthcare organizations and/or government agencies
  • Strong financial partner, behind the product development curve, who needs a time-to-market advantage now